RFID Access Control Systems in Dubai from Gallant IT Solutions

RFID technology is rapidly becoming a preferred choice as the advancement in technology makes various solutions available to any organization. There are major drawbacks in the legacy solutions that use the traditional access control systems. Barcodes, magnetic stripes, and proximity readers all require the user to either make contact or place the badge very close to the reader. In addition, bar codes can only be read one at a time and the respective embedded information cannot be updated. Such limitations can be inconvenient and time consuming.

An RFID access control system can provide a simple and effective solution. RFID badges can be read from much further distances than other traditional technologies and the embedded electronic information for each badge can be over-written repeatedly. The increased reading distance thus allows other tracking technologies like surveillance cameras to be activated in conjunction with an employee being in their vicinity. Moreover, multiple RFID badges can be read simultaneously. Information about employee access, attendance, and duties performed, can be easily and efficiently monitored and stored in a database.

Gallant IT Solutions is recognized as a technology leader in the security system industry and an access control system supplier of RFID access controls, biometric access controls, time attendance systems, gate barriers, and turnstile in UAE.

RFID Based Vehicle Access Control System Dubai, UAE from Gallant IT Solutions With growing need of strong security and safety measures, organizations all over the world are adopting enhanced provisions for security. Vehicles are the most vital and vulnerable part of day-to-day life and tracking records of vehicles in parking and in-out locations becomes highly crucial. Further, in order to avoid human errors, automated systems are hugely preferred due to the quality performance they provide while requiring minimum human monitoring.

Gallant IT Solutions provides RFID based vehicle access control systems which can be integrated with parking management systems. Our solution includes smart card access or UHF (long range) access control, boom barrier, controller and access management. Vehicles are tagged with UHF tags which are read by the long range reader up to 12 meters of distance, which in turn gets integrated with visitors parking management software and building management software.

Gallant IT Solutions has a range of products available in the segment of door access control systems in Dubai, taking care of order from installation, integration, customization and new feature development. Gallant IT Solutions products are a one stop shop for all your security needs be it fingerprint and RFID time attendance and access control to 2 and 4 door access control panel or proximity card reader to Mifare card reader.